Marius van der Wijden

Marius van der Wijden


I've worked or am currently working on the following projects:

Perun - Blockchain agnostic generalized State Channel Framework
Ethminer - Open Source Ethereum Mining Software
SM^2- Coin - A new cryptocurrency based on file storage
ProgPoW - Proposal for a new Proof-of-Work algorithm for Ethereum
GPUSnarks - Implementation of Fourier Transformation and Multi-Exponentiation on Graphics Cards
Sourcy - Data marketplace for insider information
Laika - Fork of Ethereum that uses a Proof-of-Capacity

I also contributed to multiple other Open Source projects.



I gave the following public talks:

June 16. 2018 - IoP Conference - SM^2-Coin: Green Decentralised Filehosting
June 16. 2018 - IoP Conference - Perun: Payment and State Channels
June 28. 2018 - Distribute Conference - Perun: Payment and State Channels
February 23. 2019 - Make-Rhein-Main - Programming a Distributed Network
March 8. 2019 - ETHCC - Sourcy: Making Non-attributable faults attributable (Lightning Talk)
June 29. 2019 - Distribute Conference - ProgPoW: A new Proof-of-Work for Ethereum
September 10. 2019 - Accelerator Frankfurt - Perun: Payment and State Channels

If you want to get access to the slide decks, you can send me an email at: